Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Somebody App

The Somebody app is an app that encourages people to talk to strangers. The creators of the app believe that people do not talk to each other enough because they do not have a reason to. This app was developed to give people a motive to talk to each other. To use the app, you have to write out a message, select the recipient, and the app will choose the closest person to deliver that message. You can also specify the way you want the message to be delivered, such as whispered, affectionate or shouted. It has been described as "Uber for Telegrams". The app only lasted for a few months because people were not very comfortable with the idea. The trailer for the app showed people delivering very personal messages to complete strangers. I could understand why people didn’t want to use it. One thing that's worse than getting a break up text is getting one from someone you don’t know. On top of that, there the fear that this will be used by people with not so honest intentions, like craigslist. I could honestly see this going the way of craigslist. Especially if the app tells strangers where you are at all times.

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