Sunday, February 21, 2016

High Art and Low Art

I think the idea of there being “high art” and “low art” is a bit pretentious. It will most likely be used to look down on art that people just do not like. There are people who do not believe that digital art is still art and even think that it is cheating. With growing technology, art is going to begin looking different than what we are used to and things are going to change. Classifying everything as high or low art will probably discourage people from trying new things. Or it could encourage them to be defiant. I think the article had a good point about some high art being dull and uninspired in comparison to what they would call low art. We could be encouraging people to do something bland and mediocre because that is what they think they’ll have to be taken seriously.I think we should practice a bit more humility when it comes to this subject matter. If we have to classify anything as high or low art, maybe art that is done for marketing purposes or propaganda could be classified as low art. Even then it would not be entirely fair to some marketing designs that turn out to be pretty good.

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